Are you ready to reawaken to your calling?

Midlife doesn’t have to be a crisis. Perhaps it’s your soul nudging you to remember your true essence and to reawaken to your calling.

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I’m Lyn Carpenter. I’m passionate about guiding women in midlife to remember their divine essence and to unapologetically shine their lights.
Midlife is a time many people wonder if they’re having a “crisis”.

It feels like a crisis, but I believe it’s their soul nudging them and asking, “Remember me? Are you going to stay asleep or are you going to awaken to your calling and remember what you came here to do?”

I believe we’re born knowing our soul’s purpose.

As children we were filled with a sense of wonder and our fires burned brightly. Then life happens and we take on the belief systems of our parents, those around us, and society at large.

As we fulfilled the desires of our youth, we became burdened with the responsibilities that came along with those achievements. Before we knew it, we lost our sense of wonder and were just going through the motions and reacting to our lives. 

For many, our joyful sense of wonder was replaced with feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, and self-doubt, causing our inner fires to wane.

Somewhere along the way, we lost ourselves.

Where did you lose yourself?

Perhaps you lost yourself in motherhood and now you’re an empty-nester. You may feel like you’ve lost your sense of purpose and are asking yourself, “Now what?”

Maybe you lost yourself in your marriage because you were focused on supporting your spouse in the pursuit of their goals.

Or maybe you’ve recently had a profound loss in your life. It may have been divorce, the death of a spouse or loved one, a job, or the loss of a friendship. Any type of loss can feel like you lost an identity.

Perhaps you lost yourself building your career and now your work feels unfulfilling and inauthentic.

Maybe you’re in perimenopause or menopause and feel like you’re not just losing estrogen, periods, and tampons, but also your memory, your libido, and sleep.

You may have lost yourself because you’re part of the “sandwich generation”. You’re busy caring for your children still at home and your aging parents, all while working a full-time job.

Each of us has a unique story, yet oftentimes the theme is the same…we became who we thought we should be and lost sight of our Authentic Selves.


When we were young we felt like we had all the time in the world. Do you remember being a child and wishing to be an adult so you could be free from your parents’ and school’s rules?

Then, when you became and adult did you long for the carefree days of being a child because you discovered that “adulting” wasn’t all you dreamt it would be?

At midlife we realize the years pass by in the blink of an eye and suddenly we are face to face with our mortality. The realization that there is less time left than we’ve already lived can trigger us to question if we’re having a midlife crisis.

It’s only a crisis if we ignore our souls nudging us to wake up and remember what we came here to do. We get to decide if we’re going to close our eyes and go back to sleep or wake up to our magnificence.

You were created for a purpose.

Isn’t it time to awaken to your calling, step into your power, discover your gifts, and share them with the world?

I’d love to help you navigate the journey to rediscover your Authentic Self and create a life you LOVE!


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